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Imaginist Qigong

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What is Imaginist Qigong?

Art RomeroImaginist energy therapy combines traditional Chinese medical Qigong with instant healing techniques created by Sifu Kam YuenTM, D.C. The result is an advanced alternative health practice that requires no physical contact and can produce instantaneous relief from nearly any ailment.

What exactly do I do?

Energetic weaknesses of every description can cause pain, disease and hundreds of nonphysical conditions. I ready and instantly reverse those weaknesses to make them "strong" to the factors that caused the problem. Clients regularly report instant elimination of physical pain and nonphysical anxieties, tensions, traumas or other problems. The results, as they say, are

  • "It doesn't hurt any more"
  • "I lost 10 pounds overnight and slept for 12 hours"
  • "I could actually feel the migraine going away"
  • "I felt so energized, clear and physically light that I had to hold onto the table – I felt like I was floating!"

"Five Seconds! I felt better in FIVE SECONDS of telling Mr. Romero on the phone what part of me was hurting. My foot was injured in a car accident and I watched the swelling go down right before my eyes like a balloon deflating! I had to laugh, it was so amazing, and the pain relief was delightful after six weeks of suffering. He continued to work a little, and my whole body felt balanced, relaxed, energetic and happy. I would recommend his work to anybody who wants to feel better."
— N.S., Musician, Orange County

Ok, results may vary, but you get the idea. Virtually any physical or nonphysical affliction can be corrected instantly with one call to Art Romero at Imaginist Qigong. Really. 831-443-4448.

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Lose the pain

Energy therapy sessions are conducted in-person or over the phone. Severe issues may need additional consultations. Pricing based on needs for individuals, families or groups. Payment may be made though cash, check or PayPal. All donations are cheerfully accepted.

Call or email for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Lose the pain

Shaolin WestArt Romero, YMCP, has studied under Sifu Kam Yuen since practicing Shaolin Kung Fu with him in the 1960s. I wrote, edited and illustrated much of the teaching materials for Dr. Yuen's original "Chinese Energetic Healing" system. I work from the Monterey, CA bay area.

Call 831-443-4448 today. Be pain free today.