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Thanks to all the people, near and far, who have sent kind thank you notes and testimonial letters.

"I've been to every kind of medical doctor and alternative healer, and you're better than all of them combined" — That's because only YuenTM Method qigong quickly goes to the real heart of the matter and deletes the core causes of physical or nonphysical distress. Most clients feel the changes in their bodies as they occur and feel more clear, relaxed and energized.

"... the lab results came in and there was no cancer." Patients should combine traditional medical and alternative treatments for maximum assurance and peace of mind regarding the status of disease or healing.

Professional Musician, performance and work relationships

This is an endorsement letter for my friend Art Romero who has been helping me in my career, with my health and personal life.

I met Art at the YM seminar in Los Angeles in 2011. We got along right off the bat as he has a calm and humorously pleasant personality.

Throughout the seminar we chatted and had lunch several times. Art applied some principles of YM technique and I instantly felt lighter and better. I was having a hard time learning the ideas being presented at the seminar and Art explained some fine points to me, wherein I learned that Art and Dr. Yuen both studied the martial arts together and shared in the discovery of this unique system which was first used as a martial technique. Art demonstrated his ability with me firsthand and I started laughing as I enjoyed the feeling of floating; he also instantly took away the back pain I was experiencing, etc.

Since the seminar, Art has worked on me remotely. I am a professional drummer who works on cruise ships. Cruise ship life can be hard on many levels and, indeed, most Americans do not work on ships because, frankly, it's a tough life. Many crew from desperate situations compose the working populace, and cling with dear life to this one and only opportunity they have to experience a better life than the poverty back home that they've escaped.

As a result, there are many "Little Emperors" who ruthlessly rule over non management peons and create stress for people under them as well for those from other departments. At times, the 8 month contract on ship can feel like a prison sentence due to the military style pecking order and competing interests.

So Art has smoothed my chaotic situation on ship. He has done it remotely from 3,000 miles distance ... and the results are intriguing. He employs an ethical approach in which he "corrects" the overall Feng Shui of the vessel, and brings harmony into the relationships.

Art has also improved my ability to sight read music on the spot which is an integral part of my job. He has worked with my capacity as a drummer and opened up my playing for maximum performance. When i get out of sorts from specific people and situations that have arrived, Art sets everything at ease. I am not completely aware of his method, but I can say that on two ships he has helped improve the overall camaraderie of the crew and also my peace of mind. He does this remotely from his residence thousands of miles away.

I highly endorse Art's expertise and am grateful for having him in my corner whilst I slug out a living on the high seas. Cheers and thank you!


"My right eye had a hemorragh and severe floaters.  Eye surgeons diagnosed a perceived retinal tear and detachment. They proposed surgery and to remove the vitreous humor. I was in a high state of fear and anxiety. In one phone session with Art, my eyesight improved. The floaters were reduced and my right eye, physically, opened up again. The fear and stress were instantly deleted. The "smearing" in my vision is gone. I was able to breathe freely again.

Art also, while checking the eye components, specifically identified a neck issue (vertebrae) from an old car accident and the residual pain was gone in a minute. I felt I could walk better and the weight from my head was gone. I felt stronger, more functioning and independent of the "eye problem."

As an added bonus,while I was looking in the mirror, Art also reduced crows feet, brow wrinkles and the heavy "folds" on either side of the mouth in about a minute. I would highly recommend Art!"

"After many years I can finally sleep again and the pain in my hip and leg is gone. I'm so glad I was led to you!" — Sleep problems are a frequent result of cumulative emotional and psychological tensions and traumas. I've successfully helped many such individuals get a good night's rest for once and for all.

"The change in my [adult] son's schizophrenia and paranoia has been absolutely remarkable, I can't tell you how grateful I am" — Without talking to the sons directly, I was helped them by working with the mother. There was a noticeable change in their behavior and everyone got along much better.

"The 'facelift' was absolutely amazing. I could actually feel and watch the changes happening as I was looking in the mirror! " — The ladies love the facelifts! I remove excess waste, cells and fluids, then tense the structure of the skin to literally make many of the bags and sags disappear, soften the skin and restore color to the face.

"You told me you removed a "tiger's tooth" from my hip and I remembered hearing about an ancestor in China who was eaten by a tiger! The best part is the pain is gone and I can exercise again! — Very often, difficulties with healing or chronic pain may be traced to ancestral or past experiiences of our own or of others. These can be quickly identified and eliminated.

"My daughter finally put away her pacifier. And I can't believe how you unblocked my ability to find work" — A two-year-old was helped by working with the mother to identify symptoms and family influences.

"My head had been shaking uncontrollably for about four years, but after you worked on it for a few minutes it appeared to stop. Thank you so much!" Remote corrections can be done over the phone, in response to email requests or letters, or any time they are needed. Many treatments take only a few minutes.

"Within a few minutes I could no longer feel the lump in my breast."Lumps, swelling or other physical changes can be instantly and physically felt when proper energies are applied.

"Thank you again for helping our family throughout our trials. It is a great comfort to know there is "Help!" on the way." — A woman's concerns included a granddaughter with cancer in her spine, family emotional traumas, and a man with prostate, circulatory and eye problems. All report significant improvement.

Lose the pain

Art RomeroEnergy therapy sessions are conducted in-person or over the phone. Severe issues may need additional consultations. Pricing based on needs for individuals, families or groups. Payment may be made through cash, check or PayPal. Call or email for information or an appointment.

Lose the pain

Kam Yuen, Art RomeroSifu Kam Yuen, Kung fu master, friend and mentor, created the revolutionary technique that is at the heart of my own style of healing, Imaginist Qigong. I've added my own touches based on my talents and philosophy. I believe these techniques offer a heightened sense of clarity, spirituality and well being for my clients.